Monday, November 29, 2010

English House remodel; the front revisions to a 1927 Charles Dilbeck home.

After. The house is brand new from the chimney to the far right (both upstairs and down).  The stone butress on the first floor hides the stone transition from old to new.

The new third bay.

More of new third bay.

Conceptual front elevation with new addition.

"Before"  The yard was also terraced and re-landscaped in the remodel.

The flat roofed 1950's addition (not by the current Home Owner) was completely removed when we discovered its foundations were inadequate for the remodel. And, it was just plain ugly!

In the remodel, we wanted to be very respectful of the original intent of Charles Dilbeck, the Architect of this 1927 home.  I desisigned all of the revisions to this home within this period and house styling.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

English house remodel, tbe back

Back, after.  Media room, screened timber porch with Master Suite above.

Back, after.

Back, after.  The kitchen addition is in the far right.  (see post below on the west elevation)

Conceptual drawings of additions to the back of the house.

Back, before.

Back, before.  Future location of the screened porch.

Friday, November 26, 2010

English house remodel, west side.

New back with kitchen extension.  The existing back brick corner of the house required a new steel structure to leave it "undisturbed."  The new room is to look like a filled in timber porch.

New back. Kitchen in foreground, then screened timber porch, and Master Suite above.

Elevation with addition.

Before.  Back corner of house.  This small timbered porch was removed from the house.

English house remodel. Before and after.

After.  The yard is terraced, the second floor addition is from the chimney out.  All stucco has been resurfaced.

The new stone on the first floor matches the existing stone.  The new window sills are made from reclaimed brick.

New elevation drawing.

The one story 1950's addition is to be stripped off the house and rebuilt.  It has inadequate footings for itself.  The new second floor will need additional footing support.

The upstairs has these two upper windows.  The new third matching window will be into the new Master Closet.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shingle house remodel, Seattle. (Original structure is 100+ years old) This house was lifted from its foundations. While suspended, we created a new stable foundation system and set the house back down. Its windows, all interior/ exterior finishes were removed and replaced. All electrics, heating/ cooling systems were replaced. We had to remove the original gas pipes used to light the house when it was constructed in 1903.

After Front.


Front upper bay window.

Front upper bay window. (before)



South side. (before)

Front door area with new leaded glass side windows.  These windows were redesigned to be more in keeping with the original house's design.  We had old window samples from saved transoms.

Front door area before windows were replaced.  We were able to repair the original front door.  We also replaced the front door hardware with an antique set from the same period of the house's original construction.

Front almost complete.  The house's final paint was posponed by this snow storm.

North side. (before)

North side in construction.