Monday, November 29, 2010

English House remodel; the front revisions to a 1927 Charles Dilbeck home.

After. The house is brand new from the chimney to the far right (both upstairs and down).  The stone butress on the first floor hides the stone transition from old to new.

The new third bay.

More of new third bay.

Conceptual front elevation with new addition.

"Before"  The yard was also terraced and re-landscaped in the remodel.

The flat roofed 1950's addition (not by the current Home Owner) was completely removed when we discovered its foundations were inadequate for the remodel. And, it was just plain ugly!

In the remodel, we wanted to be very respectful of the original intent of Charles Dilbeck, the Architect of this 1927 home.  I desisigned all of the revisions to this home within this period and house styling.

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